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Giant Nissan Snow Globe Pops Up at NYC’s Oculus

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Nissan Altima Snow GlobeNissan is all about the latest generation of its Nissan Altima. From its flashy debut at the New York Auto Show to its latest partnership with Mary Poppins Returns, the car is popping up in very public places to show off its new curves. One of its latest events was in a giant snow globe in front of the stunning Oculus in New York City.

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From Dec. 13 to 16, the 40-foot snow globe structure allowed visitors to get close to the Nissan Altima in a festive way. According to experiential agency Fake Love, one of the collaborators on the project, the snow globe set the 2019 Nissan Altima in a variety of urban winter scenes. Snow actually swirled under the dome, and users were encouraged to post their photos online with the hashtag #ImpossiblySmart.

Besides creating a memorable winter wonderland in the heart of New York City, the snow globe also highlighted one of the vehicle’s most noticeable upgrades. For the first time in 2019, shoppers can equip the Altima with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive technology. This lets the car collect information on road conditions and send power to the wheels in a way that improves control in the worst weather.

The Oculus is a distinct, white building occupying part of the original World Trade Center site in Manhattan. It is very close to the 9/11 Museum and the memorial reflecting pools. This prominent placement ensured that not only native New Yorkers saw it, but also tourists in town for the holidays.

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Maybe the Nissan Snow Globe will pop up in other places this winter, like at auto shows. Knowing what we do about the Chicago Auto Show and its snow, though, Nissan might not need the globe to demonstrate the car’s capability.

News Source: Little Black Book