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Globe and Mail Says Corsair Ain’t Your Daddy’s Lincoln

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2020 Lincoln Corsair 2.3-liter turbo | globe and mail 2020 Lincoln Corsair review
The 2020 Lincoln Corsair is helping the brand shed its image of making cars for old folks
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

The new 2020 Lincoln Corsair has arrived in Canada, and the reviews are rolling in. Over at the Globe and Mail, award-winning journalist Petrina Gentile commended the Corsair as evidence that Lincoln “is growing cooler with each new vehicle” and summarily shedding its image as the preferred ride of old folks.

In her review of the Corsair, Gentile had ample praise across the board. Not only did she laud Lincoln for (finally) dumping the MK nomenclature in favor of actual names, but she praised the Corsair for its wide array of stylish colours like Red Carpet, Burgundy Velvet, and Iced Mocha. The 2.3-liter engine scored points as the preferred engine option for its performance on curvy mountain roads, and the interior was praised both for being whisper-quiet and for its “sharp, sophisticated, and serene” atmosphere.

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Gentile spoke with Lincoln Motor Company of Canada product plans manager Jim Rideout, who acknowledged that Lincoln has work to do to continue to shake the long-held idea that the brand is made for an older driver. And that, he says, is why Lincoln poured so much effort into making the Corsair feel modern and comfortable.

“My goal is when someone gets into one of our vehicles, I want them to feel refreshed or revitalized when they get out,” Rideout told Gentile. “It’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey. That’s where our competitive advantage is going to be. Hence why we spent so much time on the interior.”

And in the eyes of reviews and drivers alike, that effort seems to be paying off with an advantage that is becoming clearer with each new vehicle added to the lineup.

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