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GM Defense Scores $214.3 Million Military Deal

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GM Defense Chevy Colorado
Photo: GM Defense

As we’ve previously reported, GM Defense — the branch of the company that produces vehicles for use in the military — has been working on an infantry squad vehicle based on the Chevrolet Colorado since last year. At the time, it was competing with models developed by Oshkosh Defense, Flyer Defense, Polaris Government Defense, and the Science Applications International Corp. Now, we can verify that the Colorado-based ISV won the contract, to the tune of $214.3 million.

Tough enough for the Army: The 2021 Chevrolet Colorado

Trouncing the competition

Based on the highly capable Colorado ZR2, the military-grade truck was powerful and versatile enough to leave its competitors in the dust. In order to be considered, the ISV needed to weigh no more than 5,000 pounds so it could be air-lifted by a helicopter, hold up to nine soldiers, be slight enough to fit in a cargo chopper, and travel at highway speeds in off-road conditions. With three rows of seating — one of which is rear-facing — and a hefty 2.8-liter diesel engine, GM Defense delivered in spades.

Incredibly, GM Defense reports that roughly 90 percent of the vehicle’s components are identical to the commercially-available model, meaning that maintenance won’t be complicated, and procuring replacement parts will be a breeze.

The timetable

With the finalization of the $214.3-million contract, the automaker can now focus on production and delivery. That price covers a total of 649 ISVS, which will be shipped to the U.S. Army over the next five years. However, GM Defense has been given permission to build a total of 2,065 over the course of a decade.

According to Autoblog’s Johnathon Ramsey, things may not end there. GM Defense President David Albritton reportedly wants to get the ISV into the hands of other branches of the military like the Marine Corps and the Air Force. Next, the company is currently developing autonomous technology for convoys and even “potentially a militarized version of the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt car.”

With the Colorado ISV, GM Defense not only proved its commitment to our troops overseas but also just how impressive Chevy’s midsize truck is. If it’s good enough for the U.S. Army, it’s certainly good enough for some weekend off-roading.

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