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GM Pushes Up Final Bolt Rollout

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Chevy recently announced the first Bolt EVs have been delivered to Canada

It’s rough liking electric cars in Ohio. The state has a large amount of coal power, it doesn’t offer anything particularly to encourage adoption, it doesn’t follow California’s emissions regulations, and it isn’t exactly the largest market in the country, so it is one of the last states for green cars to be released.

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Therefore, it was a nice feeling to hear that, rather than receiving the Chevrolet Bolt in September, when it was originally promised to fill in all the states remaining on its rollout schedule, General Motors has moved up its full nationwide rollout to August, when originally only Texas would have been added to the markets selling the new EV.

Basically, the reason for this, according to Chevrolet marketing director for cars and crossovers Steve Marjoros, is simply because they could.

“We were waiting for the training to be done, we were waiting for the right tools to be in place,” he said at a media event, adding, “We are kind of ahead of schedule on implementing all of those things as well as making sure we have enough sufficient inventory.”

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Of course, it doesn’t hurt that getting the Bolt rolled out nationwide in the next two months puts it out across the country at the same time as Tesla is just starting production of its Model 3. While those two vehicles are different in body style (the Model 3 will be a sedan and the Bolt is a small crossover) and delivery methods (since Tesla doesn’t use dealerships), they both come with similar price tags of around $30,000 MSRP after federal incentives, and with similar, 200-plus-mile ranges.

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