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GM Unveils BrightDrop EV600 Electric Delivery Van

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BrightDrop EV600 electric delivery van driving down city street at night
The BrightDrop EV600
Photo: GM

As part of its new BrightDrop spinoff, General Motors is introducing an all-electric van and an array of other efficient, integrated products and services to help delivery businesses.

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According to GM CEO and Chairman Mary Barra, BrightDrop aims to serve as a “one-stop-shop solution for commercial customers to move goods in a better, more sustainable way.”

Over the next few years, GM is expecting massive growth in demand for urban last-mile delivery, thanks to the popularity of online commerce around the world. However, the explosion in short-distance deliveries could also cause a big increase in carbon emissions. BrightDrop is seeking to meet demand while contributing to GM’s vision of “zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.”

EV600 electric van

The EV600 electric van is the most important part of BrightDrop’s strategy. This zero-emissions delivery vehicle gets its power from the Ultium battery platform. It will offer up to 250 miles of range, fast-charging capabilities, and more than 600 feet of cargo capacity. The EV600 should be widely available for delivery customers starting in 2022.

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Man using BrightDrop EP1 electric pallet in warehouse
The BrightDrop EP1 electric pallet
Photo: GM

EP1 electric pallet

Before the EV600 arrives, BrightDrop’s EP1 electric pallet will be available to improve delivery efficiency and reduce strain on couriers. Capable of carrying 200 pounds and 23 cubic feet of cargo, the EP1 can efficiently transport items from the delivery vehicle to the customer’s door and cover other short distances. In testing, the EP1 helped drivers deliver 25 percent more packages with less bodily strain.

BrightDrop logo

Other BrightDrop offerings

BrightDrop will also sell a software platform to help customers manage EV1 and EV600 operations. Key functions for this platform include battery status and location tracking, diagnostics, and other fleet management and mobile asset management options.

In coming years, BrightDrop also has plans for a variety of other products. These include a rapid-load delivery vehicle and a vehicle that carries several EP1 pallets.

Thanks to an early partnership with FedEx, BrightDrop has already been able to do quite a bit of real-world testing. This new GM unit is poised to make a major impact as it rolls out its lineup of sustainable delivery products and services across the U.S. and Canada.