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Good Cake: A Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Birthday Milestone

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2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

We tend to number birthday cakes with candles corresponding to how old we are. However, if a car company added the equivalent number of candles for profits or units sold to celebrate its latest vehicle, you would need to get a bigger cake and call the fire department.

Perhaps this intriguing thought crossed Mitsubishi’s mind, but I doubt it. It has bigger fish to fry.

A birthday milestone

Within one year of its launch, Mitsubishi celebrated a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross birthday milestone. Over 80,000 units of the Mitsubishi crossover have found homes.

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Closing out December, the Eclipse Cross saw the largest success in Europe — where it was launched first — with 33,287 sales. The United States finished in second with over 14,000 crossovers sold. Japan nearly made 11,600 sales with Australia and New Zealand completing 2018 with just over 9,300.

Strong selling point

There is no doubt that the Eclipse Cross is a success with auto consumers in multiple countries for Mitsubishi. According to a customer survey, its strongest selling point is its design.

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“The Eclipse Cross offers something truly different in the compact SUV sector,” said Yuichiro Hayashi, Chief Product Specialist. “Its coupe styling is combined with Mitsubishi’s SUV functionality and driving experience to create a car which is stylish, rugged and fun to drive. Its global success is proof that the concept is resonating with customers around the world.”

Accomplishment and award

In addition to this accomplishment, Mitsubishi is proud of the RJC Car of the Year award that the Eclipse Cross received from the Automotive Researchers’ & Journalist’ Conference of Japan late last year.

From all of us at The News Wheel, happy birthday to the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. May the next 80,000 vehicles sold be just as captivating.