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Grille From Acura Precision Concept Will Be Featured On Upcoming Production Model

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Acura has announced the grille from the Precision Concept will make its way to a future production model

Which Acura model will we be using the Precision Concept’s Diamond Pentagon Grille?

Acura recently premiered its new Precision Concept at last month’s North American International Auto Show. For its encore, the concept vehicle showcased its distinctive style at the Chicago Auto Show.

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“This concept is more than a concept because it will literally shape the direction of all new Acuras,” said Acura Public Relations Representative Jessica Howell.

Howell also said the Precision Concept’s Diamond Pentagon Grille will be appearing on an upcoming production model, but Howell did not reveal if that would be a completely new model or if the unique grille will appear on a vehicle currently in Acura’s lineup.

The new concept vehicle showcases the Precision Crafted Performance of the Acura brand, which the company says will be a design preview for all of its future vehicles.

Acura still hasn’t revealed what engine is featured inside the Precision Concept, but the vehicle is predominantly a design concept, so the engine has not been the focal point of any of Acura’s presentations.

Acura’s California Design Studio created the Precision Concept under the supervision of Acura Global Creative Director Dave Marek. Designer Michelle Christensen led the charge in fine tuning the exterior details of the Precision Concept.

Visitors to the Chicago Auto Show also received a good look at the concept’s unique suicide doors, which can viewed in depth via the gallery below.

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