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Half of Young People Want Electric Cars, Twice As Many As Older Generations

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We’ve said it before here at The News Wheel, but electric vehicles aren’t as accessible as they need to be. It turns out the public agrees. In a survey of 10,293 drivers, AA found that 85 percent of drivers think there are not enough public charging stations, 76 percent think electric vehicles are too expensive, and 67 percent think there aren’t enough electric models on the market.

Despite the inaccessibility, electric cars are still in demand. According to the survey, 50 percent of people ages 25-34 in the United Kingdom want an electric car and 40 percent of those ages 18-24 and 35-44. This is a significant shift from previous generations, as the same poll showed that only 29 percent of 55-64 year olds and 25 percent of 65+ year olds want electric cars.

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This is no surprise; millennials have been demanding sustainable products for a while now. In fact, a Nielsen study showed that 73 percent of millennials are willing to spend more money on a product if they know it’s coming from a sustainable source, compared to just 66 percent of the general public.

Many of the problems surrounding electric vehicles are improving year after year. Electric ranges are getting longer — a concern for 76 percent of drivers surveyed — and more brands are coming out with hybrid models, or hybrid version of their current models. As for charging options, most electric car owners charge their cars at home, but 85 percent of drivers surveyed said we need more public charging options.

Shifting toward electric cars is an important part of creating sustainability in automotive. With environmental concerns on the rise, it’s becoming difficult to avoid the topic of fuel efficiency and gas prices. Thankfully, with new electric models making their way to the showrooms, we’re slowly but surely making progress.

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