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Highlights of the All-New Cadillac CELESTIQ Show Car

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Cadillac CELESTIQ show car
Photo: Cadillac

For a while now, Cadillac has been teasing its all-new CELESTIQ show car. But the automaker recently debuted the vehicle fully and showcased why it represents the brand’s future. These are some of the features that stood out to me on this new Cadillac EV.

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“The CELESTIQ show car is the purest expression of Cadillac,” said Magalie Debellis, manager at Cadillac Advanced Design. “It brings to life the most integrated expressions of design and innovation in the brand’s history, coalescing in a defining statement of a true Cadillac flagship.”

Exceptionally modern interior

As soon as you glance inside the new CELESTIQ, you’ll notice that it’s unlike any other vehicle available today. The futuristic cabin is filled with sleek materials, a striking color design, and advanced tech that screams luxury. In fact, the dash features a massive 55-inch pillar-to-pillar LED screen. Not only that, but the back sides of the front headrests have modern displays on them for rear-passenger entertainment.

  • Cadillac CELESTIQ show car
  • Cadillac CELESTIQ show car
  • Cadillac CELESTIQ show car

The rear seats are separated by a continuous center console that stretches from the front-seat area, allowing for more individual room for each passenger. That center console between rear passengers looks like it has cup holders and multiple spots for storing all kinds of items and devices.

Sleek, upscale exterior

On the outside, the profile of the Cadillac CELESTIQ reminds me that of the Buick Avista concept and its low, wide stance. However, the CELESTIQ is obviously more elevated thanks to things like the Smart Glass Roof that offers four zones of variable lighting for each passenger. The sloped back of the model surely adds to the aerodynamic appeal of the EV and no doubt increases efficiency.

  • Cadillac CELESTIQ show car
  • Cadillac CELESTIQ show car
  • Cadillac CELESTIQ show car

While this is simply a prototype, Cadillac has stated that a production version of the CELESTIQ is expected to arrive by 2025. Until then, stay tuned to our updates as more details become available.