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Honda Civic Sends Lincoln MKS Flying in Crazy Dashcam Video

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Honda Civic sends Lincoln MKS taxi flying

The [fecal matter] hits the fan when the Civic hits the Lincoln

Last Thursday, a driver in Montreal, Canada, was cruising on Highway 20 when his dashcam captured dramatic video of a Honda Civic causing a Lincoln MKS taxi to dive headfirst into a five-car accident.

“Driving on Montreal Highway when out of nowhere…” dashcam owner Andrei Fimine wrote on the YouTube posting.

WARNING: It should be noted that this video contains some (understandably) NSFW language, as the driver reacts to the epic crash by repeatedly exclaiming, “Oh, [fecal matter]! Oh [fecal matter], oh [fecal matter], oh [fecal matter], oh [fecal matter], oh [fecal matter]…”

Check it out:

As traffic slows down, the Honda Civic in front of the dashcam driver begins to swerve into the far left lane, which is reserved for bus and taxi traffic. The Lincoln MKS taxi, in turn, gets clipped, swerves, and plows right into a work truck, causing it to flip over.

“It is definitely the Civic’s fault that the taxi service car flipped,” Fimine wrote in the video’s description. Still, it’s hard to tell if the Civic was just turning into the left lane to try and pass, or actually to avoid hitting the car in front of him that came to an abrupt stop.

According to CTV Montreal, it is still unknown at this time if the crash resulted in any injuries.