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Honda NAIAS Display: Bringing Back the Fit

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Acura NAIAS Display: Bringing Nothing to the Table

Honda FCEV Concept at 2014 NAIAS

Honda FCEV Concept at 2014 NAIAS

Honda’s display was, in a word, freaking spectacular. Okay, so that’s two words, but I stand by my statement. Immediately upon entering the Honda NAIAS realm, we were greeted by the FCEV Concept, which was unveiled at the 2013 LA Auto Show. The FCEV is the brand’s next-gen fuel cell car and has a 2015 launch set for both Japan and here in the United States. Yes, really. This futuristic car that runs on a fundamental periodic element will be hitting roadways next year.

Then I saw it. The 2015 Honda Fit, bright yellow and spinning victoriously on display. I really missed the Fit for the 2014 model year, although Honda did at least give us the Fit EV to tide us over until next year. The 2015 Fit has been completely redesigned, looking sportier than ever before (which is great, because the Fit has always been more fun to drive than its appearance has let on). The front fascia emphasizes the updated headlights and grille, and the interior is marked by innovative technologies, like a rearview camera, a moonroof, LaneWatch™ display, and Honda’s Magic Seat®.

Near the back of the Honda display was a really cool 3D racing game, in which Marci and I both partook. I couldn’t really get a good handle on it (so it’s probably good that Marci was the driver for the trip), but I still recommend playing it if you make it out to NAIAS this week.


Then Marci and I turned our attention to Acura. By far, it was the most disappointing display at NAIAS. The booth had this weird fog/mist/something strange emitting from a table. Curious, I stuck my hand in it. It wasn’t hot or cold and didn’t feel wet or even windy. It was only a few feet wide and had no accompanying explanation. Not sure what purpose it served, really. Confused, I turned my attention to the models, but there wasn’t much to write home about. The TLX was on display, but either I was too tired or unimpressed to care much.

Acura NAIAS Display: TLX


Instead, we headed out for the Infiniti display (and part of the Smart booth, which was tucked away behind it).

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