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Hot New Apps Arrive for BMW ConnectedDrive and MINI Connected

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The latest apps keep you connected to your favorite music, people, and destinations

Hot New Apps for BMW ConnectedDrive and MINI Connected Life360 (1)
BMW has been hard at work keeping its app library filled with the hottest connected technology.

For instance, the German automaker has announced integration with a popular app which can be used in the brand’s vehicles: Life360. This program is being used by 50 million families around the world to stay connected to their friends and relatives. The program establishes a “circle” of frequent contacts and allows for easy location-sharing, calling, and chatting. The vehicle can even be navigated to the current location of a circle member.

But Life360 isn’t the only hot new app available for BMW or MINI customers. Multiple global apps are currently offered for BMW ConnectedDrive and MINI Connected, a number of them available for free from the Apple App Store.

The Hottest Music and Connected AppsĀ for BMW and MINI Customers

Hot New Apps for BMW ConnectedDrive and MINI Connected Traffic Radar

If you want to integrate your vehicle with cutting-edge options, it’s best to start by downloading the free BMW Connected app for Apple or Android. With it, you can access Twitter, global radio stations, navigation, your calendar, RSS feeds, and information on local attractions. MINI also has its own specially-designed version called MINI Connected, with exclusive features such as Driving Excitement, Mission Control, Dynamic Music, MINIMALISM, and the new MINI Connected XL Journey Mate.

If you want to enhance your experience even more, we suggest considering the following apps, most of which are exclusive to Apple iOS:

Napster/Rhapsody: Offering the most varied library around, this service has music from every genre, plus audio books, live sessions, and interviews.
Spotify: The highly-praised music service with 50 million users around the world allow anyone to listen to the hottest new tunes for via connected devices.
Deezer: Similarly, this music app has a catalog of 30 million music tracks, used in 182 countries to find that perfect song.
Amazon Music: Download tracks to your smartphone and sync them into an MP3 format using AutoRip.

Hot New Apps for BMW ConnectedDrive and MINI Connected Tune In
TuneIn Radio Free/TuneIn Radio Pro: Users have 100,000 FM, AM, HD and internet radio stations at their fingertips, along with over a million on-demand programs.
Audible: This popular service contains the world’s largest collection of spoken audio content.
myKIDIO: Control what material your children view in the car with age-appropriate audio and visual content. Requires iPad and iPhone integration.
n-tv: A leading channel for news in the German media, from financial to politics to sports, plus have audio files to take with you and summaries of important stories.
Glympse: Let people know your anticipated arrival time without calling ahead using GPS tracking alerts.
M Laptimer: The perfect app for avid BMW fans, this specially-designed program tracks and analyzes telemetry data like acceleration, lap times, and g-force, which can then be shared on social media.
GoPro: Attach these durable cameras to your car and use the app to take video or photo footage of your experience.

Hot New Apps for BMW ConnectedDrive and MINI Connected M Laptimer