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Houston Car Salesman Beat, Kidnapped During Dodge Challenger Test Drive

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Houston Car Salesman Kidnapped During Test Drive

A Houston car salesman had the scare of his life during a recent test drive

A routine test drive was anything but routine earlier this week for one Houston car salesman. On Monday night, Jose Martinez was taken advantage of by a customer who wanted a discount on a Dodge Challenger—a five-finger discount, that is.

The 22-year-old was reportedly beaten and then stuffed into the trunk of the Challenger. Upon first meeting the suspect, Martinez had a few reservations, telling KTRK News, “I knew that guy was a little sketch when I first met him. He kept on talking weird and I thought, ‘Let’s just go on a quick test drive and come back.’”

At the beginning of the test drive, Martinez noticed a second car following the Challenger with two men in it. As the driver drove past Martinez’s dealership onto a poorly lit road, the car salesman knew he was in trouble. The suspect punched Martinez in the face when the salesman demanded the Challenger’s keys back. Then, the two other men got out, beat Martinez even more, and tied him up with his own belt. Finally, Martinez was placed in the Challenger’s trunk.

After about five minutes inside the trunk, Martinez was able to wiggle out of the belt and tape restraints and called 911. He also set up the “Find My iPhone feature on his phone inside the trunk, allowing the police to track down the car’s location almost instantly.

The suspects must have heard the commotion in the trunk, because the car stopped. According to Martinez, this is where things got even more dangerous—but luck was on his side.

“His friend came in and he had a gun. He dropped it, because he doesn’t know how to fight whatsoever. I fired at him, and the other guy started running. The gun had no more bullets in it.”

Unfortunately, all three suspects fled the scene. Houston police are now searching for the men responsible, while Martinez recovers from his injuries.

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