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Hyundai Asks Hollywood, “What Drives You?” in Deadline Studio Video Series

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Priyanka Chopra Cannes Film Festival Hyundai Deadline Studio What Drives You
Priyanka Chopra had an inspiring answer to the question from Hyundai

At the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, journalists from across the globe are yearning to get actors and filmmakers to answer their most pressing questions. A majority of them are queries about the groundbreaking projects that are debuting at the festival. However, in a partnership with Deadline Studio, Hyundai asked — in regards to making independent films — “What drives you?”

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One of the films that debuted at Tribeca this year was The Short History of the Long Road, which covers the story of a young girl named Nola who has lived out of a van with her father her whole life. When she loses her father, Nola must learn to live life on the road alone. Sabrina Carpenter, the film’s star, said that “connecting to people through emotions and feelings” is what drives her. Many others who were interviewed mentioned similar sentiments, including Leslie Odom Jr., who said, “Every single person that touches it, is there because they love it and they believe in it.”

Sabrina Carpenter Tribeca Film Festival Hyundai Deadline Studio What Drives You
Sabrina Carpenter claims “connecting to people through emotions and feelings” is what drives her

All of these inspired answers from actors, writers, directors, and producers culminated into a final statement from Hyundai at the end of the video: “Better drives us.” In an additional video at the Cannes Film Festival in France, Hyundai followed up with more creative individuals to ask them how they succeed when they’re competing against the world.

In the Deadline Studio Lounge, filled with macarons (it is France, after all) and embroidered Hyundai pillows, stars like Jesse Eisenberg and Priyanka Chopra provided some insight on how they survive in the throes of Hollywood and what they feel they’re responsible for. “We have such an incredible power to be able to take stories and show the world that they can be different. It’s a social responsibility that comes with power,” said Chopra.

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Both of these videos were lead-ups to a new campaign from Hyundai, called (you guessed it) “Better Drives Us.” In a video voiced by Jason Bateman, the main focus of the campaign video is showcasing the brand’s connection to its customers and how it puts people first when designing vehicles.

Hyundai at Tribeca:

Hyundai at Cannes: