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[VIDEO] Hyundai Hope on Wheels Donates $9 Million

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Hyundai Hope on Wheels donates child hand print

Children all across America are benefiting from the donations of Hyundai Hope on Wheels.
Photo: Hyundai Hope on Wheels

According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, over 15,500 children under the age of 21 in the US alone are diagnosed with cancer every year. A fourth of those children will not survive their struggle.

16 years ago, Hyundai Hope on Wheels saw this emergency and has been setting aside a portion of every car sale for childhood cancer medical efforts. Being that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Hyundai Hope on Wheels donates in communities once again, increasing its total donations since 1998 to $87 million.

36 Children’s Oncology Group (COG) member hospitals and research centers across America were grant recipients this month, including the three showcased below.

Hyundai Hope on Wheels Donates in Oklahoma City

Thanks to the generosity of Hyundai, Children’s Health Foundation at OU Medical Center received $250,000 to help doctors find a cure for leukemia.

Children like 15-year-old Abigail Gamble, who was diagnosed with acute blood-based myeloid leukemia, have endured the disease and reached full remission, thanks to the research and efforts being done.

“Almost all pediatric cancers were incurable 40 years ago, and for many types of pediatric cancer they now have cure rates approaching 70, 80 and some cases even 90%,” says Dr. John Kimble Frazer, pediatric oncologist at OU Medical’s Children’s Hospital.

Hyundai Hope on Wheels donates logo 2Hyundai Hope on Wheels Donates in Winston-Salem, N.C.

On Thursday, September 11th, Brenner Children’s Hospital of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was the thankful recipient of $250,000.

Doctor Sharon Castellino, who heads the childhood cancer research center at the facility, was given the Hyundai Scholar Hope Grant to continue studying and fighting against childhood cancer. As other ceremonies have done throughout the years and across the country, some benefiting children took part by making hand prints to symbolize their ongoing battle.

“The important thing to remember,” said Castellino, “is that these children, when they’re saved at a young age, have decades and decades of life before them.”

Hyundai Hope on Wheels Donates in Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Primary Children’s Hospital was granted $250,000 by Salt Lake City Hyundai to help fight childhood cancer.

Over the 16 years Hyundai Hope on Wheels has been campaigning, Primary Children’s Hospital has received nearly one million dollars for the unit’s efforts pertaining to National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The hand print ceremony and check bequeathing took place Wednesday, September 10.

Doctor Joshua Schifman, who accepted the grant, says the money will go toward aiding the children at their hospital. “We’re going to use this money to individualize treatment for children with cancer. To look at the tumors and try to understand: What is the best therapy for each individual child with cancer at Primary Children’s Hospital?”

Remember these stories the next time you buy a Hyundai and know that you’re helping contribute to the fight against childhood cancer.

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