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Hyundai i20 Coupe Sketch Reveals 3-Door Version of Supermini

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Hyundai i20 coupe silver sketch 3 door

Hyundai’s next generation i20 family has a new sibling: the Hyundai i20 coupe.

Hyundai’s jumped the gun yet again and sparked even more buzz about their latest next generation i20 innovations. Instead of waiting for the official unveiling of the i20 family at next month’s Paris Auto Show, Hyundai has blessed us with a stunning sketch of the newest family member:

The three-door Hyundai i20 Coupe.

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 Hyundai i20 Coupe Has Three Doors and a Lot of Style

Having just announced one of their best sales months ever, Hyundai continues their rock-solid year with the addition of the Hyundai i20 Coupe.

Take a look at that concept sketch. Not something you’d expect to see from Hyundai, is it? Who knew that level of flair could come from the Korean automaker! True, the term “coupe” might not apply very accurately to its three-door design, but words like “powerful, sporty, refined, elegant” sure do– at least according to Hyundai advertising.

While the new sketch is not a real photograph, and changes are always a possibility, this image gives us a solid perspective of what Hyundai has in mind for the i20 Coupe: sportiness. It could potentially become Hyundai’s sportiest vehicle to date, depending on your opinion of the Veloster.

Hyundai intends to enhance many of the qualities touted in the five-door sibling, and add a couple new ones, including:

  • sharply raked roofline
  • distinctive roof spoiler
  • wrap-around rear window
  • lines and movement to feel sportier.
  • unique treatment for the lamp clusters

Although Hyundai has attempted to stir interest before with a three-door version of the previous generation i20, this new approach boasts a heavier difference between the 5-door and 3-door version than how many places you can get inside the car.

The three-door supermini will be designed and produced concurrently with the five-door model in at Hyundai’s Design Centre Europe in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more news from Hyundai during the debut of the New Generation i20 family during the Paris Auto Show next month.

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