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Standard Rear-Seat Reminder Tech Coming to Most Hyundai Models by 2022

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Photo: Hyundai

Leaving children in a hot vehicle can have deadly consequences. It’s all too easy for parents to get out of the car and forget about kids in the back seat, so numerous safety organizations have recommended that more automakers prioritize technologies to counteract driver forgetfulness.

Rear-seat reminder systems provide an effective, simple way to avert this kind of tragedy, and Hyundai plans to make these technologies standard across its lineup by 2022.

 “Heatstroke in vehicles is preventable and we are doing our part to prevent this,” said Mike O’Brien, Hyundai Motor America’s vice president of product, corporate, and digital planning. “We have great systems that use both door logic memory and motion sensors to help prevent children and pets from being forgotten in the car, but it also helps in case children accidentally lock themselves in.”

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Hyundai offers a pair of Rear Occupant Alert technologies to keep passengers from being overlooked. The door-logic system tracks when rear doors are opened or closed before the vehicle is started. Then, when the driver is ready to get out of the vehicle, the system issues a reminder on the instrument cluster.

Hyundai has also developed ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert, which combines door-logic technology with a sensor that detects second-row movement. This system is designed to honk the horn and send smartphone alerts if it picks up rear-seat activity after the driver exits the car and locks the doors.

Two current Hyundai models offer standard door-logic Rear Occupant Alert: the 2020 Santa Fe and 2020 Palisade. Later this year, the 2020 Sonata will get it, too. By 2022, the system will come standard on most models. Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert, now offered as an option on the 2019 Santa Fe, will soon be available on more models as well.

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