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Hyundai Aims to Eliminate Use of Non-OEM Parts in Vehicle Repairs Through New Campaign

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Hyundai genuine parts roulette gamble

Relying on sub-quality auto parts to run your vehicle is certainly a gamble. That’s what Hyundai wants you to know through its new consumer awareness campaign.

In order to eliminate (or reduce) the use of sub-standard auto parts, Hyundai is taking aim at American drivers who use non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts in their Hyundai vehicles. The campaign’s aim is to show that cheaper doesn’t mean better.

This effort to weed out and warn against non-Hyundai parts targets all counterfeit, aftermarket, salvaged and recycled auto parts that aren’t Hyundai-approved.

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The campaign involves a series of commercials over the coming months as well as targeted email communications with Hyundai owners. That way, all drivers know that the repairs done to their cars are up to US government and manufacturer standards to ensure their ongoing safety behind the wheel.

Addressing the growing amount of cars using non-OEM parts, VP of customer satisfaction for Hyundai America Frank Ferrara said, “Customers would see short-term savings after their vehicle was repaired, not even aware that non-Hyundai parts were used to bring these repair costs down,” which, in the long run, is a detriment to safety and long-term costs.

Ferrara continued, “The more people who understand the dangers behind using non-Hyundai components and see the benefits of purchasing original parts, the less likely they are to suffer severe consequences and lose value on their car. Safety and trust are paramount to our brand, which is why we are launching this campaign to encourage everyone to purchase original parts, every time.”

Hyundai has attempted previously to bolster its dealership service centers with other campaigns, something many automakers—in addition to Hyundai—have had problems with. According to the US FTC, counterfeit parts cost the automotive parts industry $12 billion a year and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

So if you need to have your Hyundai repaired, make sure you take it to an approved collision center or service garage that uses qualified, authentic parts and won’t gamble on your safety to save you a couple bucks.

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