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Hyundai’s Helio Curve Art Installation Makes Waves at Milan Design Week

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Milan Design Week 2015 Hyundai's Helio Curve Art Installation

Artist Reuben Margolin stands in front of his stunning fluidic sculpture

Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled its second part of the ongoing “Sculpture in Motion” project. To celebrate the relationship between movement in the natural and automotive realms, the automaker has partnered with another talented artist to produce a stunning art exhibit in Italy.

From today until Sunday at the 2015 Milan Design Week, currently taking place throughout the city’s streets, Hyundai is drawing attention to its Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy through its “Helio Curve” art installation.

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Milan Design Week 2015 Hyundai's Helio Curve Art Installation

Helio Curve produces continual fluctuations as tall as 10 feet

Helio Curve is a unique kinetic installation that celebrates movement by creating a living wave. California-based artist Reuben Margolin assembled 400 wooden blocks in a cube, each element linked to an electrically-powered drive. The continuous fluctuation of the network creates waves over 10-feet high and casts an enormous, moving shadow. It’s supposed to reflect the “harmonious interconnectivity” of humanity. The entire structure is 16 feet high and 85 feet wide.

“I am glad to introduce [the] ‘Sculpture in Motion’ project again at the Milan Design Week so that more people can experience, feel and empathize with our design philosophy,” said Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Design Officer of Hyundai Motor Group. “‘Sculpture in Motion 2.0’ expresses Hyundai Motor’s signature design DNA ‘fluidic’ through analog technology and movements.”

Hyundai Motor’s Sound Design Research Lab even composed a special 120-minute soundtrack entitled Sculpture in Motion 2.0 Soundtrack. It’s comprised of 14 tracks, including themes “Cozy,” “Modern,” and “Neo Classic.”

Milan Design Week 2015 Hyundai's Helio Curve Art Installation Intrado

Hyundai Intrado concept also on display at Milan Design Week

Also on display at Milan is the Hyundai Intrado concept, the award-winning vehicle that debuted at last year’s Geneva Auto Show. It offers a practical illustration of the influence Fluidic Sculpture design has on Hyundai’s models.

Check out the kinetic Helio Curve sculpture in motion in the video below:

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