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Illegally Imported Nissan Skyline Leads Kansas Police on 176mph Chase

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Robert D Bell Skyline

Photo: RBAdrenalineFactory via Facebook

Say what you will about the 25-year federal ban on imported cars, but Robert D. Bell of Topeka, Kansas is one incredible jackass. Just last week, he led Kansas Highway Patrol officers on an early morning high-speed car chase on I-35 reaching speeds of up to 176 mph in an illegally imported and heavily modified Nissan Skyline. After being chased through three counties for 20 minutes, Bell was caught after his turbocharged motor blew up.

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Robert Bell

Robert Bell

The R33 Skyline was never sold in the United States, but┬ásome do sneak by customs and the DMV by being falsely registered as a 240SX. Imported cars under 25 years old are not legal for street use in the United States, but are often used for racing as Bell’s was. Although it sports GT-R badges, it’s likely just a rear-wheel drive GTS model with an engine swap.

The same weekend, Wichita hosted Import Face-Off, a racing event and car show for imported cars. Bell was likely on his way back from this event, where the police were probably watching closely in hopes of pulling over some heavily modified cars and their adrenaline-pumped drivers.

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Here’s a list of his charges:

  • Flee or attempt to elude police officer
  • Speeding 176 mph in a 75 mph zone
  • Unsafe lane change; Fail to signal
  • Reckless driving
  • Expired tag: 01/15
  • Impeding traffic normal flow

Bell’s bail is set at $100,000, and his confiscated Skyline is likely to be turned over to the feds, who will probably destroy it.

News Source: KSNT