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Is VW Committing to Electric Cars?

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VW at CES 2016 teaser

Last month it seemed as if Volkswagen was throwing its support behind Biofuel with Shell, resisting the global march towards electric vehicles. Recent comments made by VW’s head of sales and marketing, however, seem to be implying that the brand is committing to EVs.

Jurgen Stackman of Volkswagen commented to Autocar that he believes that an automaker would soon produce a car to change how we think about EVs, with an inductive charging network, advanced electric powertrain, autonomous driving, and a cabin equipped with internet connectivity, providing a low impact car that transports and entertains passengers.While he doesn’t say that Volkswagen will be that automaker, he said that the company that produces it could change the car world forever.

In the same interview, Stackman did not seem intimidated by the idea of tech giants Apple and Google joining the EV and autonomous fray. That’s probably because he is very confident in VW’s ability to innovate and adapt to new technology, thanks to the massive size of VW and its resources.

VW announced earlier this year that it was committed to electric cars, with a goal of “electro-mobility leadership” by 2025. It even introduced a new electric concept car at CES 2016. Industry insiders, though, were thrown off by VW’s recent vocal support of Biofuel, which was accompanied by several jabs at EV producers. We get that 2025 is a long way away in car years, but the automaker needs to decide which side of the fence it is really on and commit to it. While the automaker currently does have electric vehicles in its fleet, its competitors, namely Nissan and BMW, are leaps and bounds ahead in terms of establishing itself as an EV authority.

News Source: Autocar