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Jeep “Portraits” Commercial Earns Top Automotive Spot in YouTube AdBlitz Poll

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Jeep Portraits Commercial

The Jeep “Portraits” commercial topped the YouTube AdBlitz Poll in the automotive category

Every year, the YouTube AdBlitz announces the leading Super Bowl commercials. This year, the leading automotive commercial award was given to Jeep’s emotional “Portraits” spot. The spot was also the sixth overall commercial out of the 74 total commercials that were voted upon in the annual poll. This ad was also named Adweek’s number one Super Bowl commercial.

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“Achieving the number one automotive spot in the YouTube AdBlitz Poll the last five of six years is a remarkable achievement for FCA and a wonderful acknowledgment of our entire creative team’s efforts,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for FCA Global. “This work is above all things the product of FCA’s shared culture of leadership. ‘Portraits’ speaks directly to how we are given the freedom to experiment and to challenge conventions. The recognition that ‘Portraits’ has received from both viewers and those within the creative industry only serves to reinforce that we are on the right pat. Making a difference has been and will always be our North Star.”

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The “Portraits” spot is a nod to our country’s history—and Jeep’s. Throughout the spot, more than 60 curated images make an appearance. Each image tells its own story, and includes famous faces like Marilyn Monroe and BB King, historic Jeep images, and pictures of the everyday man. This year is the brand’s 75th anniversary, and this special—now award-winning—commercial is Jeep’s way of commemorating this occasion.

VIDEO: Watch the Award-Winning Jeep “Portraits” Commercial