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Jeep Uses Unreleased Michael Jackson Song for Latest Ad Series

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“Love Never Felt So Good” Is Backdrop for Jeep’s Summer Campaign

Jeep Uses Unreleased Michael Jackson Song in Summer Never Felt So Good Ad Series

Jeep uses unreleased Michael Jackson song in “Summer Never Felt So Good” ad series.


Michael Jackson may have left us nearly five years ago, but for many, his legacy and his music still live on. In fact, the King of Pop even has a previously unreleased single called “Love Never Felt So Good” that will be released on Jackson’s upcoming “XSCAPE” album. That very song will be part of Jeep’s latest ad series, cleverly titled “Summer Never Felt So Good.”

The campaign mostly features huge doses of summer nostalgia that are sure to make us all long for the beach. These shots, of course, are broken up with shots of all-new 2014 Jeep Altitude Editions. As you can see by the first 30-second spot above, titled “Call of Summer,” Jeep is really good at showing us beach bonfires, then Jeeps, then bicycles, then Jeeps, then basketballs, then more Jeeps. Pretty clever, actually.

Jeep Uses Unreleased Michael Jackson Song  in ad

“Oh, honey, it’s getting warm out. We really should grill out soon.”

Jeep Uses Unreleased Michael Jackson Song in ad

“And then maybe we can buy a Jeep.”

Michael Jackson’s voice gives the summer spots an “OH MY GOSH, SUMMER, LET’S GRILL ALL THE MEAT AND THEN GO SURFING” feeling.

According to Ad Age, Chrysler Group LLC CMO, Olivier Francois, stated, “Jeep is an American icon as much as Michael Jackson is an American icon. Jeep is timeless as much as Michael Jackson is timeless.”

Francois added, “There’s nothing more global when it comes to American brands than Jeep,” and this second ad, called “Summer Fans,” shows that Francois means what he says. By using soccer players (right around the time of the World Cup), Jeep clearly reveals that its ambitions are beyond its own backyard.

Jeep Uses Unreleased Michael Jackson Song in ad

In the ad, soccer players for some reason have no access to lights save for their fleet of white Jeeps, all of which have very, very strong batteries.

Soccer wasn’t the only sport that Jeep appealed to. Kyrie Irving of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers shows up in two of Jeep’s summer ads. In one, he manages to make a basket from the back of his Jeep, clear over a chain link fence.

Jeep Uses Unreleased Michael Jackson Song in ad

Because he’s Kyrie Irving, that’s why.

The campaign, created by GlobalHue, will be an integrated one, with a general market, as well as African-American and Hispanic campaigns, and digital campaigns across common social media networks. There will also be consumer promotions included in the campaign, including a chance to win an all-new 2014 Jeep Wrangler Altitude Edition.

Michael Jackson’s new album, featuring “Love Never Felt So Good,” goes on sale May 13th. The ads featuring his unreleased song, however, will begin appearing today.

Check out some of the other ads from the series below.