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Joc Pederson’s 1994 Buick Century Changes Hands Multiple Times

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On August 29th of this year, LA Dodgers prospect Joc Pederson held a very special raffle, where the winner would walk away with Pederson’s 1994 Buick Century. The raffle was held at an Albuquerque Isotopes game just before Pederson was drafted to the major league Dodgers. Pederson bought the car in question for $1,000 to use during his year with the Triple-A Isotopes, and as his stint with the team drew to a close, he wanted to gift it to one lucky fan as the ultimate game day souvenir.

Joc Pederson’s 1994 Buick Century

Joc Pederson’s 1994 Buick Century
Photo: Albuquerque Isotopes

Now, you might not think that Joc Pederson’s 1994 Buick Century would be of much value, especially since the car itself wasn’t in the best shape ahead of the raffle. But the winner soon discovered how much it was worth to other fans. As the winner was leaving the stadium, he was accosted by Albuquerque Isotopes fan Patrick Volpert and offered $500 for it. Seeing his chance for an essentially free $500, the winner accepted Volpert’s offer, and the Isotopes devotee walked away with a piece of baseball history.

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But Volpert’s devotion to this piece of baseball memorabilia was short-lived. He decided to auction off the vehicle soon after purchasing it, but, unfortunately, the auction ended with no offers. However, thanks to the auction being covered by MLB’s Cut 4, another buyer stepped up, contacted Volpert, and bought the car for $1,200.

Hopefully, the new owner, Scotty Bryden, will hold onto Joc Pederson’s 1994 Buick Century longer than its previous owner!

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