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Lexani Motorcars Reveals Ultra Luxurious 2016 Viceroy Edition Escalade

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Pop star Justin Bieber drives one, UFC fighter Conor McGregor bought one as well, and MLB player Scott Carroll owned one too until it was stolen in Chicago.

What vehicle is it that all of these celebrities drive?

Of course, it’s the Cadillac Escalade, and Lexani Motorcars may have just created the most luxurious custom Escalade that you’ll ever lay eyes on.

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Lexani’s new custom Escalade features a “celestial” headliner with LED lighting, which is built-into the ceiling of the SUV. This creative headliner gives passengers the illusion they are outside underneath a beautiful night sky, but in reality they’re just starring at some flashy lights projected onto some fancy leather.

The Viceroy Edition also comes equipped with a 48-inch Samsung 4K TV that can be found on an electric partition between the passenger and driver cabins. Other interior features include elegant wood trim, airline-style tables, wall-mounted opera lights, rear-facing power jump seats, and a raised ceiling.

If you’re the type of person who can afford this custom SUV, then you probably could use a few security cameras to help protect your assets. Fortunately, Lexani has already thought of that and installed cameras and monitors, which allow passengers to view what’s happening outside of the Cadillac.

For even more luxury and entertainment, the SUV comes complete with videoconferencing equipment, Apple iPad Air, and a Mac computer.

The only thing the Viceroy Edition doesn’t include is armor plating, but Lexani will also provide that for an additional fee.

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