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Lexus CEO Hints at Future Hybrid F Models and a Fully-Electric Model

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When it comes to electric vehicles, Lexus has largely stayed out of it, preferring just to offer hybrid models across its lineup. This goes doubly so for its sports cars—the recent exception, of course, being the new LC 500h hybrid sport coupe. However, according to Lexus CEO Yoshihiro Sawa speaking to British automotive publication AutoExpress, the luxury brand might finally be getting in on the electron-power game, as well as giving hybrid sportiness a try.

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In particular, Sawa talked about a hybrid for the F performance sub-brand. He said that with the F division they needed to forge their own way, but one direction it might take is a pure F GT car, “which could be a hybrid with an electric motor and a strong engine, giving a different kind of drive feel.” He added that the brand wouldn’t stay leaning on V8, V10 or twin-turbocharged vehicles, although he did say that they are important.

Sawa doesn’t seem convinced in the inevitability of coming electric vehicles. While discussing the different powertrains that the brand could consider, he said, “At this moment people say EVs are trendy but three years later, who knows? People like the sound, the dynamics [of combustion engines]. I think we cannot stick to the one solution when it comes to providing emotion.”

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Ultimately, though, Sawa said that Lexus would indeed introduce a fully electric vehicle, and although he said that the brand would need to do some searching to find “which kind of EV will be lovable” and have a luxury feel, one possibility would be the newest addition to the Lexus lineup, the small luxury crossover the Lexus UX, as one of its range of powertrains.

News Source: AutoExpress