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Lexus’ L/Studio Continues It Got Better Series

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Lexus L/Studio "It Got Better" Series

Lexus’ L/Studio has produced a series of videos featuring LGBT celebrities such as Nate Berkus
Photo: L/Studio

When you think of car manufacturers and their videos, cars racing on long tracks or through city streets come to mind. Some car companies branch out to videos about family and the journeys you take in your vehicles, but in general they don’t stray far from the beaten path (or paved road, in this case).

Lexus decided to break the mold in 2008, and has been producing non-car content as part of their L/Studio offerings. Billing itself as “Subscription-style TV without a subscription or a TV,” the brand’s series range in style from comedy, to design, to interviews. L/Studio’s mission is to use their content to expose viewers to different experiences and inspire innovation. According to Brian Bolain, Lexus’ Marketing Manager, “We can’t talk cars all the time because people don’t think about cars all the time.”

Of course, The News Wheel respectfully disagrees with Mr. Bolain. We love thinking about cars all the time!

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Some of the most notable videos to come out of the L/Studio are in the It Got Better interview series. After a successful first season in 2014, the series is back with new episodes being released on YouTube and the L/Studio site. Featuring LGBT celebrities like RuPaul, Andrew Rannells, and Rosie O’Donnell, each episode focuses on how each person discovered who they are and the unique challenges they faced because of their sexual orientation. Check out Nate Berkus’ episode below to learn more about this famous interior designer’s journey.

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Source: MediaPost