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Lexus Show Off New LS+ Concept and Limited-Edition F Models at Tokyo Motor Show

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The Tokyo Motor Show seems to be marked this year by a slew of fantastic and advanced concept vehicles, and as Toyota is bringing nearly a dozen, its luxury brand Lexus decided that is absolutely couldn’t miss out on the fun, so revealed two limited-edition “F” sports models as well as its own concept vehicle: the LS+ Concept.

First, let’s look at the sport models, the RC F and the GS F.Lexus RC F limited edition tokyo motor show 2017

These two models are being shown off for the 10th anniversary of the brand’s first “F” model, the IS F, back in 2007, which continue to follow the goal of creating “sports cars that can put smiles on the faces of anyone who wants to have fun driving, regardless of skill.”

Lexus GS F limited edition tokyo motor show 2017

As such, the limited-edition RC F and GS F are both upgraded from the conventional RC F and GS F, with performance shock absorbers, light titanium mufflers, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic interior trim, matte gray body panels, and interior color accents in the F-model signature Heat Blue. Unfortunately for us in the States, these limited-edition models are only going to be sold in Japan starting in spring of 2018.

So, let’s move on the more relevant (to us) concept vehicle, the LS+ Concept.Lexus LS+ Concept Tokyo Motor Show 2017

The LS+ Concept, from a design standpoint, is based on the brand flagship but picked up a new front end based on what the brand called its “L-finesse” design philosophy, which translates into a “boldly evolved Spindle Grille.” This features far more angular lines, accented by blue LEDs and sharp, similarly angular headlights, all which is underlaid by a large grille shutter for a balance of cooling and aerodynamic performance. The rear lights also feature the new angular design, and the side mirrors are replaced by slim camera stalks.

Lexus LS+ Concept Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Really, though, the LS+ Concept was much more about talking about Lexus’ future technology, particularly its automated driving technologies, collectively referred to as “Highway Teammate.” When the vehicle is on the highway, this system, which the brand says it is eying rolling out in 2020, would offer automated merging, lane changing, maintaining distance, and lane-keeping, while gathering data to be used to improve the system and receiving updates from the cloud.

Lexus LS+ Concept Photos: