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Lincoln Aviator Presidential Gets Adaptive Suspension

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2020 Lincoln Aviator
The Lincoln Aviator Presidential boasts premium appointments, advanced tech
Photo: Lincoln

The all-new Lincoln Aviator launched in the Middle East last winter, bringing its high-end Presidential trim with an exclusive interior trim. To make the lineup talking Aviator Presidential even more appealing to luxury-loving drivers in the region, Lincoln equipped it with the smooth-driving capabilities of its brand-first Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview.

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“[Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview] is so advanced that its sensors speed-read the road ahead and adjust the system faster than a blink of an eye, with more than 23,000 inputs of data per second,” said David Russell, vehicle dynamics technical specialist, Lincoln Motor Company.

The smooth ride of the Lincoln Aviator Presidential

The system uses a dozen sensors to keep tabs on the Aviator’s acceleration, steering, braking, and body movement and motion. Reading the road at a rate of 500 times per second, the advanced technology can adjust the suspension settings up to 100 times per second.

This makes the new Lincoln Aviator Presidential particularly adept at adjusting to rough terrain. The Adaptive Suspension includes pothole mitigation, which senses when the vehicle may be going over a pothole and responds by stiffening the shock absorbers as needed. This reduces the impact and can help prevent significant damage incurred by driving over uneven roads.

Road Preview adds another level to the system, using a front-facing camera to look for changes in road surface height as far as 50 feet ahead. If, for example, a speed bump is coming up, the camera sends the information to the Adaptive Suspension to help prepare for the change ahead, making the ride even smoother. Speaking of smoother, the Lincoln Aviator Presidential also offers the advanced Air Glide Suspension, which swaps out traditional coil springs for air springs.

As Lincoln works to establish itself as a global must-have brand, vehicles like the Aviator Presidential and technologies like Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview go a long way to help build its growing reputation.

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