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New Lincoln Ads Find ‘Comfort in the Extreme’

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The Lincoln Navigator, Aviator, Corsair, and Nautilus star in the "Comfort in the Extreme" ad campagin
New Lincoln ads demonstrate ‘Comfort in the Extreme’
Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Motor Company debuted several new commercials in January that spotlight its vehicles’ ability to take the heat — or rain or sound or snow. A quartet of ads make up the “Comfort in the Extreme” campaign, which shows off how the Lincoln Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator, and Navigator make even stressful situations feel comfy.

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The commercials began airing earlier this month during the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. The four individual ads — as well as the 30-second condensed version spotlighting the whole lineup — feature narration from longtime brand spokesman Matthew McConaughey.

“Comfort in the Extreme: Heat” sends a 2021 Lincoln Aviator to Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley to stand up to triple-digit temps. In “Comfort in the Extreme: Rain,” Lincoln tests a new Lincoln Nautilus in an extremely wet place: Hanalei Bay, Hawaii. For “Comfort in the Extreme: Noise,” a Lincoln Navigator goes where else but Manhattan. And because who could get enough snow and ice at this point, “Comfort in the Extreme: Cold” drops the new Corsair in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska for plenty.

Watch: Lincoln Aviator in ‘Comfort in the Extreme: Heat’

Each commercial shows that, no matter what the elements throw your way, a Lincoln utility vehicle has the tools to combat it. Because as Lincoln has made abundantly clear, its vehicles are like a sanctuary on wheels.

“The power of sanctuary is core to the Lincoln brand, and in today’s world, it’s more relevant than ever,” said Molly Gueli, Lincoln utility content manager. “This is about finding clients the space they need in a chaotic world to help uplift them both mentally and physically.”

And if any brand can lay claim to that idea, it’s Lincoln. Not only do Lincoln customers now get a free year of premium access to the Calm app, but several vehicles have won awards for interior quality and quietness. The Lincoln Nautilus Black Label and Lincoln Aviator have both recently found themselves ranked among Wards’ 10 Best Interiors, and the Lincoln Corsair made Autotrader’s 10 Best Car Interiors Under $50,000 list.

You can check out the rest of Lincoln’s “Comfort in the Extreme” commercials below:

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Lincoln Nautilus in ‘Comfort in the Extreme: Rain’

Navigator in ‘Comfort in the Extreme: Noise’

Corsair in ‘Comfort in the Extreme: Cold’