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Lincoln Fonts Team Wrongheadedly Spurns Comic Sans

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Lincoln Fonts Screen
The Fonts Team for Lincoln determines which typeface SYNC uses
Photo: Lincoln

Be honest: When you’re looking at a vehicle, how much do you think about typeface? Probably not a lot, right? Well, Lincoln Motor Company has its own in-house team focused on finding the right font for the brand so that you don’t have to think about it.

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The Fonts Team, part of Lincoln Mexico, has the unenviable task of looking at different typefaces and determining which is the best for Lincoln’s SYNC infotainment systems and in-vehicle displays around the world. Their choice ultimately comes down to how legible a font is in multiple languages, whether it flows well, and whether it works harmoniously with the brand’s elevated identity.

“At Lincoln we carefully and obsessively design experiences that leave our drivers and passengers feeling revitalized in all aspects, from physical to mental and emotional, under the concepts of our founding philosophies of Quiet Flight and Lincoln Way,” said Rosángela Guerra, director of Lincoln Mexico. “Every detail in our vehicles is designed so that users reach their destination feeling revitalized, including the letters on the screens.”

Century Gothic over Comic Sans? Please

2021 Lincoln Nautilus in Flight Blue SYNC 4
Looks cool! Would look cooler in Comic Sans, tho
Photo: Lincoln

So, given all this, no doubt there’s one right font for the job: Comic Sans. Go ahead. Open Word and type up something in Comic Sans. Sure, it’s fun and saucy, but it’s also exceedingly professional and more than a little luxurious. Tasteful. Elegant. Timeless. Comic Sans is all these things and so much more.

Unfortunately, the Fonts Team for Lincoln sees the world through a somewhat different lens, opting instead for Century Gothic. Yes, it’s definitely a safe choice. Even a good choice! But why be safe when you can be brave? Why be good when you can be great?

The Fonts Team for Lincoln settled on Century Gothic after upwards of 12 months of testing and tinkering. They also made room for variations like Century Gothic Bold and Century Gothic Italic. And on top of all that, the team has to adapt emojis to the screen.

Fonts Team’s work can be taken in on the 13.2-inch touch screen offered in the new 2021 Lincoln Nautilus. And, yes, that sure is some fine font. But wouldn’t it just be so much better if it had a sense of humor?

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