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Lincoln Over-Analyzes Navigator Commercial Wherein McConaughey Talks to Dogs

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Matthew McConaughey in Lincoln Navigator commercial

Lincoln released its latest commercial starring Matthew McConaughey during the Grammys on Sunday—a light affair that has the actor driving two dogs around in a Navigator and talking to them about what they are going to have for lunch. It was a surprisingly goofy, enjoyable number that lacks so much of the self-seriousness that seems to be requisite with Lincoln’s advertising.

They ultimately decided on sushi, in case you were wondering.

In any case, it’s a fun little commercial that in no way necessitates a film school-level deconstruction. But, since this is ultimately Lincoln we’re talking about, it got that deconstruction anyway in the form of an accompanying press release. You know you’re in trouble when it features a quote from the ad agency’s chief creative officer that calls the dialogue “pithy.”

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Per Lincoln:

Wherein McConaughey is portrayed as self-made, assertive and powerful, “Time to Eat” showcases Navigator as a protector. The interior is warm and inviting, featuring room for the family, including pets, to enjoy the ride in luxury—whether it’s a long trip for a weekend of camping or heading across town for a ballgame. The visuals convey the tagline, More Room for the Things That Matter.


If you saw a 30-second commercial where an Academy Award-winning actor talked two a pair of dogs about eating barbecue and immediately thought, wow, that Lincoln Navigator sure looks like a protector, then you win the grand prize of being only the second person on the planet Earth who got that impression.

Ever wonder what the guy from your film theory class got up to? You know, the one who was trying really hard to grow a moustache, always wore a trilby, and seemed to be sweating all the time? The one who always tried to make the argument that Uwe Boll is an auteur thinking it would get him some laughs? Well, sounds like he works for Lincoln’s press center.

And what did McConaughey have to say about his role?

“Lincoln and I wanted the new ad to be more lighthearted and fun, so when they pitched the ‘driving with dogs’ idea, I was in. People love their dogs, I’ve got three myself, and yes, I, like most of you, even talk to them.”

There’s a guy who gets it.

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