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Lincoln Reimagine Project Looking to Market Luxury to Younger Demographic

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The Lincoln Reimagine Project aims to reel in the younger set.

 Lincoln Reimagine Project remarkets their brand towards a younger generation

Will young buyers be lured by the  Lincoln Reimagine Project?

Lincoln has been working diligently to change its image in an effort to expand its audience.  The luxury brand, which is most commonly driven by an older demographic, is looking for ways to reel in a more youthful, better-educated, and increasingly female clientele.

One method saw 60,000 Lincoln salespeople taken to a fancy hotel in Chicago in effort to lean about what is of interest to millennial buyers and what will turn them off.  One of those cues—art—is emphasized in the recently-launched Lincoln Reimagine Project, which uses art to parallel the notion of recreation and revitalization.

While art and cheese trays seem like a great way to capture that demographic, Lincoln should remember that their desired audience is millennial above all else.  And like Baby Boomers and Generation X, the Millennials respond to certain stimuli.  Therefore, there are a few sure fire ways to market vehicles like the 2013 MKZ to the up-and-comers of the world:

  • Technology – Lincoln’s vehicles don’t lack for technological advances—the MKZ features the unique Push-Button Shift feature, Sync® with MyLincoln Touch, and an available hybrid powertrain.  Successfully marketing the MKZ as the next must-have accessory, ala the iPhone or the Xbox 360, will do wonders for it.
mylincoln touch

MyLincoln Touch is tech that the youth market can appreciate. (Photo:HighTechDad)

  • Video Games – Speaking of Xbox, those millennials sure love their video games.  Make a Lincoln vehicle the official ride for a popular video game character.  “Sure, we all know that Sonic is fast, but he’s never traveled in more style than he does when he’s behind the wheel of his 2013 Lincoln MKS.”  Marketing gold.
  • Irony/Nostalgia – Millennials love to acknowledge the skeletons in their cultural closets.  Why yes, of course most millennials watched The Simpsons growing up.  They also owned Lisa Frank trapper keepers, wore acid wash jeans and MC Hammer pants, and desperately hope no one ever finds out that they listened to ‘N Sync or Kid Rock not because it was ironic but because they actually enjoyed them.  Dredging out these embarrassing-yet-relatable factoids in a commercial where the Backstreet Boys use the Lincoln as a time machine is sure to cause a lot of nervous chuckling, awkward self-inspection, and a lot more attention among millennials.
  • Environmental/Social Causes – Millennials are, by and large, tolerant, irreligious, forward-thinking individuals who support environmental and social causes.  Lincoln could draw a lot of attention among this demographic by backing noble causes or emphasizing the eco-friendliness of their hybrid vehicles.

By using their power as a multi-national brand to, to the best of their abilities, make a difference in the world, Lincoln would gain a considerable amount of press.  Parent company Ford Motor Company’s Fund and Community Service efforts are already quite considerable; attributing philanthropic efforts to the Lincoln brand can only benefit the product in the long run.