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The Mach 1 Electric SUV Has Got a Mustang Badonkadonk

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Ford Mustang-Inspired Mach 1 Electric SUV sketch

Ford Team Edison Global Product Development Director Darren Palmer published an article on Medium this past Thursday. The article in itself is not particularly noteworthy: Palmer discusses his love of the Ford Mustang — he recently took delivery of a shiny new Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 — and the progress of Team Edison in developing Ford’s next generation of electric vehicles.

The big highlight, however, is a toplining image of an early sketch of the Mustang-inspired, fully electric performance utility vehicle tentatively known as the Mach 1. As you can see, it wears its pony car influences on its sleeve — or, perhaps more accurately, butt — with tri-bar taillamps and a sleek, fastback profile.

The photo also ostensibly confirms that the Mach 1 is the same all-electric SUV that Ford initially announced in January 2017. The image’s caption insists that the Mustang-inspired utility vehicle will boast a 300-mile range, which really would be something Ford manages to pull it off.

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But details are otherwise quite light. Automotive News last week confirmed that there’s a good chance that the Mach 1 won’t be called the Mach 1 by the time it arrives in 2020, with Ford President of Global Markets Jim Farley saying that Ford has received a “very strong reaction from people.” Given outraged YouTube comments calling the decision “blasphemy” and suggesting that Ford is “disgracing” the Mach 1 name, there’s as good a chance as any that it’ll just go by some other name.

A Ford spokesperson seemed to confirm as much, responding to a request for comment from The Drive by saying, “The Mach 1 name captures the spirit of the new vehicle. Ford used it to gauge reaction from potential customers as part of our research determining the final name. The final name will be announced later.”

Even still, by any name, 300 miles of all-electric range and Mustang-inspired performance prowess sounds pretty sweet.

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News Source: Medium, Automotive News (subscription required), The Drive