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Mazda Sees May Sales Drop as CX-5 Soars

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2017 Mazda CX-5

Mazda has been faced with a real sales challenge, lately. Car sales are dropping as the entire vehicle sales market reaches a crest, and the company is still in the midst of reinventing its image and moving up-market. It doesn’t have the size of some of its competitors and it doesn’t have the huge money-makers like the F-150.

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Overall, Mazda North America has reported decreased US sales compared to last year at 26,047 vehicles sold, a drop of 7.9%. However, this is offset by the fact that the brand’s year-to-date sales are about the same as last year, actually up very slightly by 0.1% with 119,282 vehicles sold (although, when adjusted for sales each day, sales this year are slightly down, by 1.5%). Here is Mazda’s breakdown of the monthly sales:

Mazda sales May 2017 breakdown

What Mazda does have, it seems, is the CX-5. The brand’s middle SUV posted its best May ever with 11,819 vehicles sold—an increase of 18.9% over last May. This easily put the CX-5 as the top-selling Mazda, outselling the next-best-selling vehicle, the Mazda3, by 5,044 units.

Mazda’s other SUVs continued their good performance—although the CX-3 continued at about the same pace as last May, selling 1,537 units versus 1,570 last year (a drop of 2.1%), the CX-9 eviscerated its sales from last May, selling 1,982 units for an increase of 221.8% (last May, the company only sold 616 CX-9s). In total, Mazda’s SUVs sold 15,338 vehicles, up 26.5% over last May.

The MX-5 Miata also continued with impressive sales, scoring 1,226 sales over last year’s 1,000, a 22.6% increase.

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Unfortunately, it’s downhill from there. Mazda3 sales plummeted 32.9% over last May, from 10,103 sold to 6,775 sold. Mazda6 sales saw a similar drop, from 5,018 sales last year to 2,708 sales this year, a decrease of 46%.

There is some good news in Mexico, as Mazda Motor de Mexico posted May sales of 4,209 vehicles, a healthy increase of 15%.