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Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad: “Say the Word”

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Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad
Just say the word, and it will happen in a new A-Class sedan.
Photo: Mercedes-Benz USA

A Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad introduced the OEM’s new A-Class high-tech sedan with a thought-provoking idea on Sunday night during the second quarter of the Big Game.

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What if everything in your life listened to you like your new A Class?

You can watch the 60-second commercial below.

The spot starts out in a restaurant as an A-Class owner watches PGA golfer Rickie Fowler setting up for a putt on the 12th hole. After voicing, “Make the putt,” Rickie sinks it, to the astonishment of another customer.

Next, our friend is walking a crosswalk and prompts the crosswalk sign to change color so that he and others can go on their way.

In the next shot, audiences witness an unlikely dream where the wind tears up a police citation at the man’s orders.

From that moment on, a missing cat returns home, people get rich, and a typical stage play musical turns into a rap concert with Ludacris.

After this celebrity appearance, famous TV icons appear throughout the next few scenes of the ad. After getting stuck in an elevator, the man orders Lassie to get help. Wile E. Coyote uses a rocket after chasing the roadrunner by foot, and a majestic Free Willy leaps out of the water.

The driver then gets into his A-Class sedan, which features an in-car command center — the Mercedes-Benz User Experience — which follows the instructions of the driver.

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The stylish, five-passenger A-Class sedan will arrive at dealerships in the very near future with an MSRP of $32,500. After a strong close-out in December 2018, Mercedes-Benz expects to keep things rolling with this new model.