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Mercedes CES Concept Will Be a Semi-Autonomous Lounge Room

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Mercedes CES Concept
We are a little more than a week away from the kickoff of the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where Mercedes-Benz Chairman Dieter Zetsche will deliver the keynote address and pull the cover back on a semi-autonomous vehicle concept.

Built with LG’s Advanced Drive Assistance System, the Mercedes CES concept will be able to detect hazards in the road ahead and brake accordingly, stay within a lane, and automatically dim headlights when there’s oncoming traffic.

Of particular interest is the potential for the vehicle to use biometrics to determine how awake they are by reading wideness of eyes and response time, decreasing the possibility of a crash due to driving drowsy.

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The only image that Mercedes has made public depicts an interior that features swiveling chairs not unlike that found in its semi-autonomous Future Truck 2025.

Autonomous vehicles will be commonplace and socially accepted in the cities of the future. This new dimension in mobility will be accompanied by social and technical changes. With the new luxury-class interior concept, the car of the future will be more than purely a means of transport – rather, it will become a variable and private area of retreat in increasingly dense urban traffic. By virtue of this new form of travel, the occupants of autonomous vehicles will have the freedom to put their time spent traveling to even more varied use.

Translation: if Mercedes-Benz has its way, you’ll be able to drink coffee and play Candy Crush Saga while making your morning commute.

All will be revealed next Tuesday at CES. Watch this space for more.

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