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Mercedes Named 10th Most Valuable Brand in the World

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Mercedes Named 10th Most Valuable Brand in the World

2015 S-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz was named the 10th most valuable brand in Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Brands report. This would be enough to brag about given the fact that Mercedes-Benz is deemed more valuable than captains of industry like Disney, Amazon, Nike, and Facebook. However, it’s likely that the luxury automaker is plenty content with the mere fact that it beat competitor BMW by one spot and kept them out of the Top 10.

Interbrand points to a gamut of new models and the 14 percent global sales increase they’ve inspired as one of the primary reasons for its 8 percent year-over-year growth in estimated value. The continued success of the E-Class, CLA-Class, and GLA-Class among younger customers—as well as the 60 percent increase in demand for the S-Class—contributes greatly to a global value estimated at around $34.3 billion.

Interbrand notes that it’s not all about what Mercedes-Benz is doing now, but also about what the company will be doing in the near future.

“[T]he brand also owes much of its recent success to continual innovation and its commitment to debuting new products and services. (Mercedes-Benz plans to roll out 30 new models by 2020.) In addition to updating product design, Mercedes has made positive contributions to clean mobility with emissions-reducing technology (BlueTEC) and an intelligent energy management system for hybrid vehicles (Intelligent Hybrid).”

Also mentioned are the “Mercedes me” customer service campaign, which bundles the brand’s “Move me,” “Connect me,” and “Assist me” features onto a single platform for a more intuitive and altogether driver-oriented experience.

Mercedes edging out BMW on Interbrand’s list is appropriate given that it narrowly defeated its rival for the US luxury sales crown in 2013. Given a product portfolio that includes the ridiculous Mercedes-AMG GT, it’s easy to predict that the brand’s star will only continue to rise between now and the 2015 report.

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT

Brand value ain’t the only thing that’s rising, we’ll tell ya whut!