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Mercedes Releases Teaser Trailer for the New X-Class [VIDEO]

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Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS

Mercedes-Benz released a teaser trailer on Wednesday for the brand new X-Class. The new mid-size pickup truck is a mystery for the time being, with Mercedes keeping most of the details on lockdown. However, according to The Drive, the new X-Class will have an available V-6 diesel engine and 4MATIC all-wheel-drive. Paired together, this system will be capable of carrying more than 2,200 pounds and towing more than 7,000 pounds.

We expect the X-Class will come with all of the luxury you have come to expect from the Mercedes brand. However, this vehicle appears to step it up in terms of capability.

There’s one catch: the X-Class will not be available in the United States.

Research has shown that the most popular pickup in the United States is a full-size pickup, not a mid-size. For this reason, the German brand doesn’t believe that bringing the X-Class to the United States is a wise investment just yet. “There is no plan to introduce it in the U.S. market,” said Mercedes executive Dieter Zetsche. “In the U.S. market, the premium pickup truck is a full-size pickup truck, and the premium midsize is somewhat of a conundrum.”


This is not to say that things won’t change; if there becomes a high enough demand for the premium mid-size pickup in the United States, it is possible the X-Class will make an appearance. Just not yet. The X-Class will officially be revealed on July 18.

Check out the trailer:

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