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Mercedes to Add Particulate Filters to its Gasoline Engines

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Particulate filers will be added to Mercedes-Benz gasoline-powered engines

Mercedes has already tested these filters on sedans that it sells in Europe

In 2014, Mercedes began equipping its gasoline-powered European S500 sedans with particulate filters as an experiment, but only two years later the company has announced it will be increasing the use of these filters on more of its petrol engines, rather than just using them in its diesel offerings.

These filters are designed to collect the leftover particulate matter created by the combustion process and are used extensively on vehicles equipped with diesel engines. Gas or petrol engines are already known to create less particulate matter than diesel motors, but research suggests that even minute levels of these particulates can be seriously harmful to a person’s health if inhaled.

Mercedes says it will add these particulate filters as its vehicles are refreshed or completely redesigned, but didn’t specify whether they would be added to all of its vehicles or just the ones sold in Europe. The first models to get this new emissions technology will be the new gasoline-powered S-Class sedans and coupes, but the exact engines getting this equipment remains unclear.

New European Union “Euro 6b” emission standards are scheduled to take effect in September of 2017 and will be much stricter than current requirements. In addition, Mercedes said it will continue to work on creating more advanced and cleaner diesel engines.

There will also be a voluntary software update in the near future that will improve emissions of current A-, B-, CLA-, and GLA-Class automobiles. Mercedes will also be offering a new exhaust and catalyst that were created from alternate materials in order to improve emissions.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the many automobile manufacturers that have come under criticism thanks to the Volkswagen scandal.

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