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Mitsubishi Models Win ‘RJC Car of the Year 2020’

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Mitsubishi eK Wagon and eK X
Mitsubishi eK X
Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

Two Mitsubishi Motors models took home the title of “RJC Car of the Year 2020” after judging took place on November 12th. The Automotive Researchers’ & Journalists’ Conference of Japan gave the eK Wagon and eK X Kei cars the prestigious award for their impressive powertrains and interior features.

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Why the cars were honored

The RJC selection committee specifically evaluated Japanese models that were launched domestically between November 1, 2018, and October 31, 2019, for the award. On November 1st, the committee chose six different models to be up for the awards. Then, on November 12th, the members voted on the award-winning vehicles.

For the 29th RJC Car of the Year, the committee appreciated the eK Wagon and eK X for their loading capacities and comfortable cabins. The members also gave their eco performance high ratings. The new powertrain and platform were key contributors to the success of the eco performance.

RJC also noted that drivers can have lower stress levels when driving either the eK Wagon or the eK X. In addition, Mitsubishi Intelligent-PILOT, which helps protect you on the road, improved the capabilities of the cars.

When including this latest win, Mitsubishi has now won the “RJC Car of the Year 2020” award three times. Previously, the i Kei Car won for 2007, and the Eclipse Cross won for 2019.

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With these and other awards added to the automaker’s belt, it will be exciting to see if and when Mitsubishi receives more honors in the near future.