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Mitsubishi Revamps Marketing with Small Batch Drive Experience

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2019 Eclipse Cross Small Batch Driving Experience
The 2019 Eclipse Cross
Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors has been working to change the way Mitsubishi vehicles are discovered and subsequently bought in the U.S. In accordance with this plan, Mitsubishi Motors is using “Small Batch” marketing and is expanding upon the marketing effort with the Small Batch Drive Experience.

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What “Small Batch” marketing involves

Mitsubishi is offering the Small Batch Drive Experience, which is a test-drive pilot program that’s powered by BirdDog. The pilot program is an innovative way to target consumers and create a relevant experience.

Traditionally, ride-and-drives come with large expenses as a result of necessary equipment and large physical spaces. However, the Small Batch Drive Experience is a smarter and leaner pop-up ride and drive.

For the marketing effort to work, BirdDog first looks for specific clusters of consumers that fit the prospective buyer profile. It does this using artificial intelligence, social media listening, and hyper-local geo-targeting technology.

BirdDog then narrows down potential locations, like cultural events, coffee shops, and retail environments, to ones that interest the target audience. The pop-up ride and drive will later appear at a chosen location for prospective customers to enjoy.

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Eclipse Cross, and Outlander PHEV will be featured during the program. If you participate in the Small Batch Drive Experience, you will get a Mitsubishi Adventure Card and can redeem it at participating stores.

The Small Batch Driving Experience began in Los Angeles, California, on August 28. It will continue there until September 8. From September 11 to 22, the program will be in San Francisco. Then, it will switch coasts and be in New York, New York, from October 2 to October 13.

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The Small Batch Driving Experience seems like an unique new program. It will be interesting to see how it affects the Mitsubishi brand image and sales.