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Mitsubishi Sales in October Make Eight Straight for Growth

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Mitsubishi Sales in October

Ho-hum, another great month for the Outlander Sport

Another month, another roaring success for Mitsubishi. The automaker posted its eighth consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains with a total of 6,199 units sold in October. Sales were up 30.5% in October for the same two reasons that sales have improved for seven months prior: the Mirage and Outlander Sport.


“The Outlander Sport has been leading the way for the brand in 2014 and Outlander has steadily increased compared to last year,” said MMNA Executive Vice President, Don Swearingen. “But our sedans are also doing well with consistently strong Mirage sales and Lancer with a strong showing in October.”

Indeed, the Lancer was a surprise contributor in October, adding in 1,364 sales and improving upon its October 2013 sales by 17.5%. In the final year of its existence, the Lancer EVO is up 10.5%, meaning there could be room enough to hope for the EVO to return somewhere down the line after a sabbatical (at least we hope so).

As has been the norm through 2014, the Outlander Sport led the charge for Mitsubishi, accounting for 2,468 sales. This marked the best-ever October and the 13th consecutive month of year-over-year gains for the Outlander Sport, making it the clear and unchallenged heavyweight of Mitsubishi’s lineup.

Not to be swept entirely to the side, the Mirage added 1,374 sales in October, which marked its 12th straight month of sales above the 1,000 unit mark.

The Mitsubishi Outlander, despite being down in October, remains a steady hand in the automaker’s lineup and is 14.2% ahead of the pace set through the first 10 months of 2013.