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More Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool on Hot Days

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Summer is just around the corner. For most regions in the U.S., that means warmer commutes and road trips. Air conditioning systems are an effective way to keep cool on your summer travels. Even if you don’t have AC in your car, though, there are still a few strategies you can do to help make the ride more pleasant. Here are four more ways to make your drives more comfortable this season.

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Car Air Conditioning Vents

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Use the bottom vents

For many people, it’s common practice to turn on the upper air vents when first turning on the AC. Per CNET, it’s usually more beneficial to turn on the bottom vents. This method works better at cooling the vehicle more quickly. Pushing the hot air from the bottom to the top forces the hot air up and out of your car’s open windows.

Choose AC settings wisely

Make sure to set the AC to the “fresh air” setting when you first enter your vehicle. Avoid using the recirculation setting until at least 5-10 minutes after the “fresh air” mode has sufficiently cooled the car. Recirculation mode draws in the air inside your vehicle’s cabin (which, will naturally be much hotter when the vehicle has been parked in the summer sun for a while).

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Enhance ventilation

Open all of the windows in the vehicle, and the sunroof if you have one. The fresh air coming in through the windows will push the hot air outside, which in turn, will cool your car’s cabin. If your car still has poor ventilation though, consider investing in a dashboard fan or portable AC device to help passengers stay cooler. We recommend the Taotuo 12-volt electric car fan, pictured above. It’s available via Amazon for under $25.

Wet cloth trick

If your AC system is on its death bed, you can maximize the cool air coming out of the vents with a simple trick. Place a wet cloth or ice pack at the front of the vents. This will help lower the temperature of air coming out of the vents.

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News Source: CNETEngie