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MW Motors Releases Electric Retro Car, the Luka EV

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The Luka EV
Photo: Thomas Bondan Oto Motif

MW Motors, a new Czech enterprise, just released the Luka EV. It’s a retro-looking electric vehicle that the company claims is the first production car in the world to use in-wheel electric motors.

The in-wheel design will open up more possibilities for volume space inside the car, allowing the vehicle more room for cargo and passengers. This gives the Luka EV a unique advantage over other EV models currently on the market, as well soon-to-be-released competitors.

The Luka EV is a lightweight vehicle with decent performance. It weighs 1800 pounds, has a 180-mile range, and boasts a top speed of 90 mph. These ratings are approximate and based on unofficial in-house testing.

While not the most lively or speedy of rides, you can’t deny the retrospectively charming style of MW Motors’ design. Some say its cosmetics are rooted in the European-released Reliant Scimitar, while others liken it to the Triumph Spitfire GT6.

Company founder, Marcus Ward, incarnates a refreshing humility about the company’s contribution to the EV industry, and its perspective towards production and future goals. “We will always improve everything all the time. We do not overpromise. We are aware of our size and our capabilities and we know we are a niche player.”

We commend MW Motors for its innovative new model and look forward to more details as the company tweaks the design of the Luka EV. It seems like the perfect choice for anyone who wants contemporary technology married to historically-inspired contours.

News Source: CleanTechnica