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New Hyundai Partnership Could Result in Lifesaving AI Tech for Cars

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Hyundai is developing new artificial-intelligence tech to detect and assess vehicle crash injuries, transmit this information to emergency responders, and help victims get lifesaving care more quickly.

To do this, Hyundai is teaming up with MDGo, an Israeli medical technology company that focuses on AI systems.

Here’s how this technology is envisioned: Using sensors throughout the vehicle, an AI algorithm could immediately collect data about an accident, observe occupants’ medical condition, and send medical responders detailed information about injury severity within seconds of the crash.

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Not only would this help crash victims get emergency help more quickly, but it would also help medical providers respond more effectively with assistance and personnel appropriate for the situation.

Beyond individual situations, the AI system would continue to learn and gather information about crashes and their effects, communicating with hospitals and other medical facilities to sharpen the information it gathers and sends. Data gathered by the AI system would also be used by Hyundai to improve the safety of its vehicles.

 “We are excited to partner with one of the world’s leading car manufacturers to bridge the gap between vehicle and medical,” said MDGo CEO Itay Bengad. “Hyundai shares our vision to provide life-saving services by utilizing the constantly growing stream of vehicle data to improve passenger safety.”

The partnership with MDGo continues Hyundai’s push to protect and care for its customers. In recent months, the automaker has developed a multi-collision airbag system, created tech for hearing-impaired drivers, introduced an emergency response vehicle with robot legs, and invented a system that tracks and shares passengers’ real-time medical data with doctors.

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