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New Jeep Compass Commercial Based Around Important Life Decisions and a Bear

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Compass drivers navigate through the twists and turns of life, such as pregnancy, unemployment, and a grizzly bear

Whatever life decisions you made to get here were probably not great life decisions to make

Life is full of funny little twists and turns. For example, if you are working at Jeep, you may have recently discovered that Jeep Compass sales are down 62% so far this year.

With the newly-renovated 2017 Jeep Compass entering dealerships to take over the spot held by the previous generations of both the Compass and the Patriot, Jeep is on a mission to help boost Jeep Compass sales once again. Therefore, for the company’s latest marketing campaign, it decided to focus on all the curve-balls that life commonly throws at people.

Oh, and it threw in a bear as well.

The New Jeep Compass Arrives: 2017 Jeep Compass Makes Global Debut

The “Recalculating” ad campaign from Jeep just launched aside the release of the 2017 Jeep Compass. The multi-platform campaign is designed to invigorate sales for the latest model in the Jeep family.

“Recalculating” advertisements and marketing spots will be released through a variety of channels, including television, print, radio, digital, social, and even in-cinema 3D technology. The objective is to reach a wide audience on all of the media systems that they use.

The Jeep Story: My Jeep Story Campaign Celebrates Jeep’s 75th Anniversary

“The objective of our ‘Recalculating’ campaign is to establish global relevance for the all-new 2017 Jeep Compass within an extremely competitive CSUV category,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for FCA. “We expect its message of life’s journey moving us in many directions to resonate with our millennial audience while staying true to the Jeep brand’s core value of freedom.”

Jeep showcases several of those different directions in the first “Recalculating” television spot. The commercial shows different people encountering life-changing situations, while an omnipresent GPS voice announces that it needs to recalculate the direction that their lives are taking.

You’re probably going to need that steady job to afford the new Jeep Compass

The characters in the commercial make decisions like choosing not to stay single until they are 34 (an oddly specific age), choosing not to be a vegan, and avoiding a steady job and paycheck. Strangely enough, one group of characters encounters a wild bear in their Jeep Compass, with the narrator announcing that it is recalculating without ever really explaining what decision was made to reach these events or what decision the driver is making in response to them.

Maybe since they decided not to be a vegan, they are planning to eat the bear?

Regardless, the commercial ends with the disembodied voice announcing, “Whatever your destination, there’s a million beautiful, ever-changing ways to get us there.” Jeep’s new slogan for the Compass, “Find your true north,” also flashes up on the screen.

To experience the twists and turns of the new advertisement, watch the video below:

If this campaign does convince you to go out and purchase a brand-new Jeep Compass, just be sure to avoid any bears on your journey to reach your destination.