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New Lincoln Aviator Commercial is Basically Matthew McConaughey ASMR

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New Lincoln Aviator commercial with Matthew McConaughey
The new Lincoln Aviator commercial starring this Oscar winner is a buffet for the ears
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

Matthew McConaughey has emerged from his cavern hideaway once again, putting down his bongo and his bong-o (I’m sure that’s an original joke nobody has ever made before) long enough to star in a new Lincoln Aviator commercial. The video, which shows McConaughey out for a round of ice fishing in the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, is also particularly good if you’re into the whole ASMR thing.

New Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Aviator ad is sweet ASMR

More Delicious McConaughey Action: New Aviator ad talks about performance that makes you feel good (like ASMR, I guess)

Just listen to all that beautiful noise. Rustling trees. Crunching ice underfoot. Wind whipping over the mountains. The click-click-click at the turning of a knob to adjust the climate control in the Aviator cabin. Fresh rubber gloves sliding over a hand that once held an Oscar and signed a contract to appear in the film Serenity. Maybe you don’t wanna stand up so fast after watching and, more importantly, listening to this here sexy commercial.

Especially when handsome boho icon Matthew McConaughey starts whistling the theme from The Andy Griffith Show. The shivers, y’all.

“This piece is all about telling a story of how Lincoln’s approach to its clients and its vehicles is different,” says Eric Peterson, Lincoln marketing communications manager. “It’s clear that no matter the activity or the environment, Aviator provides a serene sanctuary with luxurious amenities, intuitive technology and the versatility of its three rows of seats.”

Mmm. Yeah. That too.

Also worth noting: This marks yet another commercial in which McConaughey is sketching something in a mysterious notebook. So this effectively maintains my long-standing theory/hope that this is all a long game leading up to an Evil Dead reboot with McConaughey taking over the role of Ash.

New Lincoln Aviator commercial with Matthew McConaughey (2)
Or maybe a backdoor pilot for Guillermo del Toro’sAt the Mountains of Madness
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

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