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New Volkswagen Scirocco Unveiled in Geneva

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2014 Volkswagen Scirocco

VW unveiled the all-new Volkswagen Scirocco and Scirocco R at the Geneva Motor Show this week, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first-gen Scirocco’s debut in Geneva.

The front and rear sections of the Scirocco have been restyled and now include H7 or bi-xenon headlights, as well as LED rear lights. A swiveling VW logo functions as a handle for the boot lid. The Volkswagen Scirocco also features newly designed alloy wheels: 17-inch (“Shanghai”) or 18-inch (“Salvador” or “Lisbon”). Standard are the 17-inch “Long Beach” alloy wheel rims. The exterior also features five new colors: Pure White, Urano Grey, Flash Red, Pyramid Gold, and Ultra Violet.

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The Scirocco R gets three giant, glossy black air inlets; LED daytime running lights; LED indicators; and standard bi-xenon headlights. As all R Volkswagen models, the Volkswagen Scirocco is badged with the letter R from top to bottom.

Inside the Scirocco, the instrument cluster has been updated to be even more advanced, yet the auxiliary instruments, according to VW, are meant to pay homage to the original Scirocco of 40 years ago. The steering wheel design and the “checkered black” central panel reflect the Golf GTI’s heavy influence.

The Volkswagen Scirocco R’s interior is marked by “Race” seat covers; decorative, crystal grey stitching; and stainless steel pedals, among other enhancements. As always, the R logo is sprinkled throughout the interior.

Under the hood of the Scirocco are four-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engines that are up to 19 percent more fuel-efficient than in previous models. As always, drivers can choose among gas and diesel engines.

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