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Rumor: Next-Generation Ford Mustang Delayed Until 2026

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2019 Ford Mustang GT Performance 6
The rear of the next-generation Ford Mustang could be quite different from this
Photo: Ford Motor Company

If you were here thinking that the sixth-generation Mustang, which debuted in 2013, would be gearing up for retirement to pave the way for the seventh generation, you may want to hold your horses.

A report this week from Automobile suggests that the next-generation Ford Mustang won’t be arriving any earlier than 2026, meaning we’ve got at least seven more years of sixth-gen pony goodness to look forward to. What’s more, sources familiar with Ford’s strategy but not situated within the company tell Automobile that the seventh-generation Ford Mustang “will be larger than the current car, closer to the Dodge Challenger in overall size if not girth.”

Larger and girthier? What’s not to like? Oh, yeah, well that may not be so great if you’re talking about a Mustang.

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The change in proportions comes from the transition of the Mustang to the modular CD6 platform, which underpins the new Ford Explorer and would not allow certain components to be scaled down for a more Mustang-appropriate size. Based on the dimensions of the current Mustang compared to the Challenger, this means that the next-generation Mustang could grow as much as 9 inches in overall length and wheelbase.

The sources are split as to when the next-generation Ford Mustang would arrive. One tells Automobile that it would likely be the 2026 model year, but another guesses that it could be as far off as 2028 or 2029. In the meantime, Ford is expected to bring its Mustang Hybrid to the market as part of a refresh for the 2022 model year and could wind up spinning the brand name out to a four-door sedan and — wait for it — performance crossovers.

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News Source: Automobile